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Houseweares Product

    Kitchen Series
    Office Series
    Garden Series
Hardware Pressing

    Speaker Relevant Apparatus
    DVD Cabinet
    LCD Television hardware

    600 Series
    800 Series
    Hardware structure

    Handle Case
    Hardware structure


        Jieyang Huayang Industrial Co., Ltd., is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in metal stamping products, computer peripheral products, injection molding plastic products, wires and cables. As for plastic products, it covers kitchen series, gardening series, office series and bathroom series and so on.

        The company was founded in 1990, located at eastern side of Guangdong province, where has convenient transportation and is rich in resources, it covers about 35,000 square meters and more than 500 employees, including 12,000 square meters’ workshops and office buildings. The company started computer products in 1999 with vision that electronic products revolutionize the way people interact with their PCs. With a complete set of mechanism equipment and the advanced instruments as well as strong, effective management system, we formed an experienced team with the spirit of innovation and unity.

        Over the years, the company has learned that corporate competitiveness is based on quality. Throughout the entire process, from the early design phase to the final stage of quality control, it insists on excellence. Relying on the most high production levels while maintaining the highest possible quality, and to make sure that Linnet always meets its goal of near flawless manufacturing, The company’s management philosophy is “quality first”. That’s the reason why it gathers the most up-to-date and accurate industrial intelligence, using it as a resource in seeking technical solutions and product innovation. The manufacturing processes thoroughly test each product at every stage of assembly and a final inspection to assure its quality exceeding the expectations of its customers.The company’s facilities are certified for ISO9001 international quality standard. In order to meet the flawless products target, all the products are certified before mass production, so far, the company owns numerous international certifications, such as CB, CE, TUV, FCC, CCC and so on.

        Based on the strong sales team, R&D team, Quality sense, the company’s performance and turnover was enhancing greatly in the past years. It’s continuous support in expenditure for R&D and engineering staff demonstratemonstrates its continuous commitment to the new stylish and trendy products, which attract customers’ interest and trust; Professional communication with the clients, excellent, efficient, flexible service to the clients, Strong marketing promotion activities every year, the company devotes lots of promotion for the brand, company image, such as exhibitions, magazines; Strict quality control and on time delivery, All this points have created a very strong sales channels and customer confidence of the company’s products.

       The company has more than 10 years experience in OEM & ODM field. It has enough production capacity to supply stable quality products to meet customers’ various needs. It wins the trust of customers based on high quality, excellent service, and reasonable price.  

Quality, service, efficiency, flexibility, innovation and value are the company’s core principle, guiding our daily work. Facing future development, it has immeasurable confidence and motive to continue its investment, which will enable the company to stay ahead of the times, and to create new prosperity. The company expects to be one of the successful leading manufacturers together with you in the near future.



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